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‘Wisdom and inspiration – a rare combination. Thank you.’
Jane Robinson, WSPA International.


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Alan Clayton

Alan is one of the leading consultants, coaches, creatives and inspirational speakers on the world circuit.

He created charity marketing agency Cascaid in the UK in 1998 following a career working in-house in charity marketing. He ran Cascaid until 2008, when it merged to form The Good Agency. Alan has worked with over 150 clients in the UK and around the world.

His specialisms are creative strategy, donor insight and motivation. He has won a basket full of awards, and published much original research and theory. Alan’s other area of work is as a trainer, coach and professional speaker.

He has lectured at conferences and events around the world, always in an insightful and challenging manner. He is a keen mountaineer and golfer and is a trustee of the Depression Alliance.


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Ken Burnett

Ken Burnett is well known as writer, communicator, mentor and inspirational speaker.

He is author of several books on donor development and communication, including Relationship Fundraising and The Zen of Fundraising. Chairman of Trustees at ActionAid from 1998 to 2003, Ken began his fundraising career with that charity back in 1977.

He is founder and managing trustee for SOFII, the Showcase of Fundraising Innovation and Inspiration. Ken Burnett also writes articles and books on non fundraising themes including Tiny Essentials of an Effective Volunteer Board and, most recently, a natural history set in France, The Field by the River.

For more go to He delivers a moving Address to the Haggis and a stirring Tam O’Shanter.

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Giles Pegram CBE

Congratulations to Giles, awarded the CBE in the New Year honours' list.  Very well deserved in all our opinions.

Giles Pegram is an independent consultant who sometimes works with Clayton Burnett for specific projects.  He was the star special guest at our Major Appeal Laboratory on 9-11 November 2011.

Giles was Appeals Director at the NSPCC for 30 years.  He is is one of the UK's truly great fundraisers. A world class strategist and thinker he is an inspiration to all those he has contact with.

At the NSPCC, Giles

  • set up the highly successful 1984 Centenary Appeal.  This appeal raised £15 million, a record at the time in the UK. 
  • has grown the NSPCC’s income from donors and supporters from £3 million to £145 million
  • crafted the ground-breaking FULL STOP appeal that raised £250million to kick-start the Society's campaign to end cruelty to children.  

Giles was nominated UK Professional Fundraiser of the Year 1994 and received the Institute of Fundraising/Professional Fundraising Awards "Lifetime Achievement in Fundraising" award in 2002.   He is a Fellow of the Institute of Fundraising.

Giles’ interests include food, burgundy and music.

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Salla Saarinen

Salla has worked in fundraising for five years and has built up considerable expertise in the fields of fundraising and advocacy campaigns as well as in the design and implementation of new products and the development of fundraising and active stakeholder collaboration.

Before that, she worked for 10 years at Nokia, where she was responsible for the global employee volunteer program, Nokia Helping Hands. Salla has an excellent knowledge of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities and philosophy. She has wide range of experience of how to develop a new brand, how organisations can “live their brand” and thus make it the life and soul of their organisation while having a systematic look & feel of the brand.

Salla is an excellent combination of a business women and an activist. She has strong communication and presentation skills. She has shown remarkable sense of responsibility and energy in her work and has been a valuable asset to every organisation in which she has worked.

Salla is a brilliant and clear performer who will not leave anyone indifferent.

Salla Saarinen
phone: +358 45 205 1879
email: [email protected]

Jacob Rolin

Jacob is the first Scandinavian to join Clayton Burnett and brings with him a wealth of experience gathered from many years of working on the international fundraising stage.

He co-founded Finnbjoern Consult, Scandinavia’s biggest fundraising agency in 2004 and has since worked with non-profits all around the world, from Tanzania to Iceland. Besides being an experienced manager, who has helped thousands of fundraisers become better at their jobs, he also specialises in facilitative approaches and coaching that help nurture great ideas and deliver inspiration for organisations and individuals alike.

He believes that relationship building and rapport is the driving force in understanding donors. The basic premise being “that if you don’t ask, you ain’t gonna get it!”

As with all other Vikings Jacob enjoys sailing, eating and travelling the world.

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Andy Whyte

Andy is an inspirational speaker and fundraiser, with a track record of creative and transformational results.

He joined the team from a highly successful career at the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), where he directed and delivered a £10 million appeal, reaching target 2 years early and subsequently designed a new model for capital appeals management, also introducing a new fundraising case for support function to this leading charity. 

An accomplished communicator, Andy was recently a finalist in the UK Business Speaker of the Year Awards and demonstrates a passion for informing and inspiring others, using simple, strong and direct messaging, through powerful presentation techniques. 

Having worked across all disciplines of fundraising, he can pull together teams to present and deliver a single focused result in a motivational and engaging manner.

Andy has an acute sense of humour and has been known to impersonate a number of well known celebrities.  As an ex-Royal Naval Officer he enjoys messing about in boats and can be relied upon to spin a good sea story, on a dark and stormy night…..!

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Svein Åge Johanson

Svein Åge Johanson is the manager and one of the founders of ProFundo. He helped establish the company back in 2001 after having previously worked in the marketing department of Strømme Foundation since 1993. He has extensive fundraising experience having worked with several not-for-profit organizations through many engagements with Norges Innsamlingsråd, ClaytonBurnett and Pidgeon Ltd, and probably understands the Third Sector in Norway better than anyone else.

Svein Åge’s specialism is in donor recruitment, donor development, data mining and relationship management. With respect for charity organizations’ supporters always uppermost in his mind, he is particularly concerned by the need for non-profit organisations to integrate their different member, donor, information and event treatments in order to match their communications with their donor’s preferences and to speak with a coherent, consistent voice.

Svein Åge Johanson
Phone: +47 900 24 744
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Asbjørn Andås

Asbjørn Andås is head of customer services at ProFundo where he leads a team of talented consultants serving the company’s clients. He has many years’ experience working in creative communication, presentation, relationship development and branding; initially spending 10 years working for religious-based organisations, and latterly since 2004, broadening this out to provide consultancy and copywriting expertise for a dozen other organizations and causes as well.

He believes that in an expanding market, it is vital for organisations to preserve a distinctive identity that stops them from becoming just another face in the crowd, and which creates a lasting resonance in the minds of prospective donors. Asbjørn is an expert at helping not for profit organisations to develop their own distinctive identity and is adept at helping them to discover their own unique ‘voice’ in the market place. All NGOs often have unique stories to tell. These are incredibly valuable - both in terms of fundraising and public relations - and Asbjørn know how use to them to achieve extraordinary results.

Asbjørn Andås
Phone: +47 971 02 174
Email: [email protected]

Colin Carroll

Colin is a top flight conceptual visualiser.

He has been involved with Alan and Ken in charity marketing since 2000, filling the role of art director / visualiser / illustrator, with great success. Previously, he was working in this capacity in Manchester, Melbourne, London and Reading. 

Colin excels in giving client’s ideas visual platforms that bring their communications to life with powerful effect. His method is to involve the client from start to finish, maximising their participation to ensure that they leave the meeting with a bit of creative magic under their arm!

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