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I did have very high expectations but they have been completely exceeded. Our two day laboratory with Clayton Burnett was hugely inspiring for our fundraising and marketing staff and the learning we took away will continue to be developed and incorporated
Gitte Buchhave, Country Director, WSPA Denmark


Be your own agency

We offer a unique service for charities who wish to dramatically increase their fundraising or public engagement.  Our unique, emotionally led process allows you to be your own agency when developing your new next big thing.

This is an outstanding service for any organisation which wishes to:

• Come up with the next big idea.
• Unify staff across departments.
• Develop an outstanding proposition.
• Allow staff to develop their creative understanding and skills.
• Inspire, innovate and drive.

We work with you, the client, as if we had set up an agency especially for you.  We provide the strategists and creative directors.  You supply the staff to work with and alongside our team, as if you are your very own agency for two or three days.

You benefit in the following ways:

• Quality:  Work with the most experienced and innovative creative directors.  You will work only and directly with our very top people.
• Speed:  Develop an entire campaign, repositioning or appeal in three days or less.
• Remove hassle and frustration:  Cut out the to-and-fro of briefing, guesswork and amends.  You sign off hourly, as you go through the process.
• Attention:  We are focussed entirely on you and your outcomes will be non-formulaic, precise and unique.
• Integration:  Delegates from communications, service delivery, policy and other departments are welcome to join in, ensuring cross-departmental buy-in from the very start.
• Skills:  You will learn how to think, feel and act like an agency.
• Inspiration and motivation:  The process itself will set your organisation alight.
• Cost:  Because you do much of the work, our fees are considerably less than a traditional agency model.


Photos from Amnesty Denmark - 'Be Your Own Agency Day'