Transformational consulting, coaching and creativity.
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It has been emotional! This workshop really has been a cut above anything I’ve attended before. I’ve learnt so much from the ‘three kings’ and the rest of the fantastic group who attended. Wonderful location too. Thank you.
Noel Cramer, Capital Appeal Director, Marie Curie Cancer Care.

About us

We are all about you, particularly if you yearn for dramatic and positive change.

Clayton Burnett offers you transformational consultancy, coaching and creativity.  We also offer you that little bit of magic, the extra something that will make you and your organisation special; that will help you to excel. 

To help grow the right individual, organisation, talent and potential we are prepared to travel to and work anywhere in the world.  We have permanent bases in the UK, Denmark and Norway, but are know to open shop anywhere on demand.

Our clients include:

  • Charities, associations, NGOs and other non-profits.
  • Professional associations and conferences.
  • Suppliers and agents to the voluntary sector.
  • Individuals who work in the voluntary sector.

So, people just like you. People who demand and deserve the best.

We provide the following services:

  • Consultancy in creativity, fundraising and communications.
  • A different take on most ways of approaching opportunities and problems.
  • Conferences, seminars and workshops, particularly inspirational plenary presentations.
  • Interim management.
  • Change interventions.
  • Career development, skills and performance coaching.
  • Training.
  • Business, sales and marketing consultancy for suppliers.
  • So, just the kind of things that you could find really helpful.

Well, that’s the standard consultant’s statement of capabilities and clients out of the way.  So what are we really about?  We think we offer relief, optimism, certainty, uncertainty, change, prosperity, insight, sparkle, glow, thrills, results and fulfilment.  And that’s just for starters.

We are very experienced, inspirational people.  All of our people have ‘done it.’  Our consultants, coaches and creative specialists all have impressive track records in fundraising, communications or business.  Each is exciting to be with, very clever and a lot of fun. 

'Doing it’ is a Clayton Burnett theme.  We specialise in working with clients on tangible projects while at the same time building your skills, knowledge and performance ability.  This helps you, as our client, because having tangible outputs means that working with us can be classified as an investment rather than something for the always under-funded ‘training’ budget line.

We offer specialist Laboratories and Academies, intensive events where small, connected groups of people are coached through a specific task or subject area. Look at the ‘Past Events’ page on this site to get a flavour of how awesomely productive these occasions can be.  We can organise a laboratory or academy on an open or bespoke basis anywhere in the world or at our own venue, the Inch Hotel on Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands.  See the ‘Future Events’ page for forthcoming open-access Clayton Burnett Laboratories and Academies.

All Clayton Burnett services are created with passion, inspiration, excitement, buzz and an extremely high standard of excellence.  This keeps us very busy, which we like.

We don’t do box-ticking, strategic analysis, management models, processes and procedures, data analysis or human resources.  Why not?  Well, someone’s got to do the original, difficult stuff and to take a risk every now and then. 

We prefer fireworks to dead wood.  We like magic.

If you would like some, please contact us.